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13 Weird and Dark Family Comics

Um. Okay. So some of these are pretty damned weird. This post isn’t a casual cruise through a pleasant neighborhood, it’s gonna do some donuts and peel out on the road less travelled. So, buckle up, buttercup!

As is my standard though, these are all safe-for-work and don’t get really raunchy or offensive or political (though that last bit sounds very redundant). Enjoy!

Kid Pictures



A Whole New World Orderrrrr

A Comik


Heeeeeere’s WALDO!



Like Father, Like… oh no



Do You Even Tummy-Time, Bro?

Infinite Monkey Business


Baby Storage

The Oatmeal


Burrito and the Beast

Paul Westover


Dinner Jokes

Heck If I Know Comics


The non-Favorite Child



Scared of the Dark?



Camping Tip… Wait What?


New Video Game



Winnie the Infected


Oh, bother!

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