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44 Bad Parent Tattoos, But I Mean HORRIFICALLY Bad

We’ve all got our opinions about tattoos. Some of us love ’em and some of us don’t, but it’s a safe bet that we can all sit down together and agree that these tattoos are just friggin’ awful.

I completely understand that the love a parent has for their kid could create a strong impulse for them to commemorate them in ink. But… my god. That’s where my understanding ends and my head begins shaking in appalled disbelief. See for yourself!

“So, how’d it come out?”


Ah. We’ve found the Garbage Pail Kids card collector.


This one works for when he’s an infant or a middle-aged cab driver.


What in all of the unholy hell?!


Can’t tell if this is Beavis’ or Butthead’s kid.


I like Bruce Willis as an actor, but this seems excessive.


Can’t blame this one on autocorrect!


“We got you another cardigan, Mom.”


This caption was really helpful.


Practically carbon copies. Literally.


“I love my kid. But also dinner rolls.”


This is the cutest baby that I’m now afraid of.


Pretty much a Renaissance painting.


The older one knows.


Even this tattoo doesn’t approve of itself.


My eyes are watering looking at this.


They’re so cute when they’re sleeping, right?




Okay whoa now!


She’s such a darling.


The gold chain really makes this piece.


Feels like these belong in a Jr. High School trapper-keeper.


Nightmare on Elm Street, anyone?


Realistic. But like kinda nightmare realistic.




Here’s another way you can get a skilled tattoo, but still make it awful.


And here’s yet another way to have a great bad tattoo.


“I didn’t want to get a bad tattoo of you, Sweetie. So I got my placenta instead.”



They kinda look like lesser-known U.S. Presidents from the 1800s.


“Open your mind, Quade.”


Such realism.


Um. It doesn’t quite look like rain.


I think Ray Liotta has more hair than this.


Maybe scarier than a skull tat.


So that just happened. For the rest of your life.


Find an artist who’s good at shading, or good at tattoos in general.


Shhhhh. Let’s keep this tat a secret.


He didn’t choose the thug life…


But which one is the picture?


That smile, though.


Can’t leave anyone out!


“Why, God? WHY?”


Yer a wizard, Harry. Or a goblin. One or the other.

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