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Awkwardness on Full Display


This post is sponsored by Cetaphil.

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A couple weeks ago, bloggers converged on Los Angeles carrying their laptops and devices to attend a huge convention. These conventions are always a time to come together and share information, to commune without judgment as we write, and openly share about our lives. I’ve been to so many of these events over the past five years and had some pretty incredible experiences.

Cetaphil decided, for some crazy reason, to invite me to host an event for them alongside the very funny and brilliant, Lauren Jimeson of Sincerely Lauren. My skin has always been one of those things that helped or harmed my confidence. We shared our stories about skin care and raising kids. They live-streamed the whole thing so you can watch my awkwardness in full display.

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I spoke about how my wife introduced me to Cetaphil and the nightmare that is my skin. Our routines have definitely changed over the years. As a teen, I had problematic skin. It might’ve had something to do with the general lack of hygiene that goes along with being a teenage skateboarder, but I always wondered if there was something that worked on my sensitive Irish skin without turning me into a skin washing robot that worried about his skin all the time.

Cetaphil was both mild on my skin and available everywhere. I started using the cleansers and moisturizers. Things cleared up. Then, when I went to get my first tattoo, guess what they told me to use when I made sure the area was clean for the first 24 hours? Yep. Cetaphil.

In the end, parenting is tough and demands so much time. Personal care can often take a backseat. You need stuff that works, and that you can bring/find anywhere. Cetaphil nails that. Gentle enough for my kids (who’ve dealt with eczema, etc.), and powerful enough to handle my crazy skin.


And you know if my tattoo guys are recommending it, Cetaphil doesn’t mess around. Because they sure don’t… three tattoos later.

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