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Babies + Dogs = Heckin Cute! (19 Clips)

Before they can play fetch, or even hold a ball in their fist, when they’re juuuuust starting out in life, a kid can form bonds with their dog and chisel memories into their heart that will last a lifetime.

Each of these 19 moments is like watching the origin story of a kid and their trusty dog. So, let’s just all take a moment to sit back and watch the majestic beginnings of the connection between a baby and the family dog.

Even BEFORE the baby comes, this dog’s being a good boy!



“What even the heck? Are you ready to play yet?”



“We can still play on the ground.”


“I will give you extra head protection, hooman.”


“Hey! WOOK! Das you!”


“Okay, I’ll meet you half way.”



“I’ll show you how, tiny hairless pup.”


“Yes! You’re heckin doin’ it!”


“Ever so careful with the teeny pink paw.”



“You okay there, furless one?”



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“Sorry about my breath, mini hooman.”



“Stay warm, tiny hairless pup.”



He’s a good big spoon

This is way too cute


A group of puppies should be called an “Awwwww”


He’s a good body pillow.



“Lookin’ great, bald puppy!



“Oh you want kiss?” [FLEP FLEP FLEP!]



“Now you’re big enough to plaaayyyyy!


“Daddy? Where did our doggie come from?”

“He’s a rescue, kiddo”


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