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Dad Jokes Hall of Shame – Visual Edition



In addition to the vast number of spoken or written dad jokes, there are also some delightful visual puns to make us to burst out in laughter, or sounds resembling groaning or whimpering.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but who wants to listen to all that blah blah blah when it can just have a doozy of a dad joke instead! So, here’s a collection of some clever visual puns for us to enjoy, or suffer through, depending on the intensity of your allergy to really terrible jokes.

It’s a BABY… [cackle] on a BOARD!


Get it? [snort laugh] He’s… got a couple of twix up his sleeve!


Ice, ice, baby. [dun-dun-dun-dahdah-dun-dun]


The Dad Joke is strong with this one. [Yoda laugh]


Poor Caesar. [laughs historically] “Eh tu Brute?” [


A UFO… [hee hee hee] caught on TAPE!


Mind ya don’t get bitten, mate. [yuk yuk yuk]


Space… the final frontier… [laughs Starfleetly]


Battering RAM [vigorous chortle]


So tearable it’s amazing. [Hahahahahahahaha!]

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