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Dads Just Gotta Dad


Sure, we don’t get a lot of sleep as parents. But did you know the fun doesn’t stop when we actually get to sleep? That’s right. The fun never ends when you have kids because even when you’re sleeping, there’s a solid chance you’ll be dreaming about your kids or having nightmares about parenthood.

It’s super awesome fun time. Here you are trying to catch some Zs but kids invade your waking and sleeping thoughts. Like this dad.

As the baby cries near him, he can’t help trying to soothe a phantom baby that only resides on his chest in his dreams. We hear so much about women lactating when they hear the sounds of a baby crying, but dads? We, too, get the urge to help the well-being of our kids.

What’s the wildest thing you experienced during your sleep deprivation?

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