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Dreams Within Dreams


Even when she's sleeping, she's running through my mind. And yes, she's holding the phone waiting for me to come home.

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I remember being a young boy and waking up suddenly in the middle of the night. I was always so disoriented, feeling spread across the universe and usually drenched in sweat. I fought the night. My night terrors were pretty bad.

As I grew up, my dreams and nightmares evolved. They took on some real-world forms. I achieved some of those dreams and confronted some of my nightmares. But the sleepyhead in the picture above has been sleeping by my side for almost 17 years. In the context of our sleeping lives, we’ve dreamed next to each other more than 6000 times. She’s helped me dream my dreams and been there when dreams went awry.

I feel like we’re living in a turbulent dream even now. It’s surreal. The dreamscape has incredible joy and some deep sorrow.

But I always look around for that girl on the pillow next to me. She’s real. And a dream, herself.

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