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Elizabeth Warren Is Such A Bad*ss She Now Has Her Own Action Figure

An Elizabeth Warren action figure is about to happen and the proceeds will go to charity

Elizabeth Warren is basically a great American hero so it’s no surprise there’s now an action figure made in her likeness. Not only is the brand new toy awesome but all the proceeds raised from selling it will go to nonprofits.

“The moment Mitch McConnell spoke the words, ‘Nevertheless, she persisted,’ we knew Liz had to be our next figure,” Jason Feinberg, the CEO and Creative Director of FCTRY tells HuffPost. His company created the Warren action figure and released it to the world Tuesday. The now famous quote stems from when McConnell silenced Warren when she was reading an objection to the nomination of Jeff Sessions, who’s a known racist. It’s obvious why Warren (and most of America) didn’t want him as the next Attorney General.

Image via FCTRY.

Like every rational soul on the planet, Feinberg and his team were inspired when Warren didn’t back down from the dumpster fire that is the GOP. “Elizabeth Warren is a relentless fighter and it reinvigorated us to see her go toe-to-toe with the Republicans at a time when we personally were still shell-shocked,” Feinberg adds.

So he launched a Kickstarter for his action figure honoring the Massachusetts state Senator. To start production, the campaign needs to raise $15,000. As of Tuesday night, the Kickstarter had $43,775 in pledged funds. Clearly, Warren is the hero America wants in politics and in our action figure collections. While Feinberg has already created political action figures like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump, he’s most thrilled about his latest creation and says Warren was by far the most exciting character to develop.

Image via FCTRY.

Having a hardworking, honest, and fearless politician around is crucial to our country’s sanity at the moment. Every day Trump produces another shitstorm that leaves more and more Americans considering a move abroad. Feinberg was no different. “Going into making [Trump’s action figure], we thought it was going to be a harmless, short-term joke,” he explains. “Like everyone else, we got thrown for a loop on Election Day and it left us selling Trumps when we were supposed to be selling Hillaries, which was just a huge bummer.”

Image via FCTRY.

The best part – outside of motivating little girls to kick ass just like Warren – is that most of the profits the company makes from their political action figures will be given to progressive nonprofits like the American Civil Liberties Union. Since Warren has been inspiring women all over the country to consider running for office, Feinberg and his team decided to donate proceeds made from her action figure to Emily’s List, a nonprofit that helps women get involved in politics.

Image via FCTRY.

“We heard a number of stories around Election Day about what our Action Figures meant to young kids, especially young girls,” Feinberg shares. “We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re hoping that seeing Warren, Obama, Hillary, and Bernie as accessible toy heroes that will inspire kids during a time that must be awfully confusing for them.”

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