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Getting Older (7 Fowl Comics)


We all get older, sure, but having kids seems to accelerate every aspect of the aging process.

We hear popular music come on and look at our radio as if it has lost its mind. When we have kids, we cringe at our kids repeating the lyrics.

We notice hairs growing in places no self-respecting hair has any right to grow. When we have kids, they loudly announce the discovery of one of these weird witch hairs at a restaurant.

Our concept of having a good time goes from doing the most to doing the least. When we have a kid, even “relaxing” can be exhausting.

Here are 7 Fowl Language Comics that show some funny realities of aging.

Help. I’ve performed a mundane action and I can’t get up.



We keep some parts of our youth.



“Welcome to the Costco, we’ve got fun and deals…”



We try to keep up with the times.



Sometimes we need help keeping up.



Me time can easily become Z time.



Our kids get older with us, though.


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