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“Holiday Shopping” : Convos With My 6-Year-Old


I went shopping with my 7yo son recently, and I made use of the drive there to go over (over and over and over) the trip’s one ground rule. I had him repeat it. “What’s the one rule for this trip?” I asked as we rolled into the parking lot. “No asking for you to buy me something!” He really sold it. I was genuinely getting optimistic. The fool that I am.

It took 10 seconds after we stepped into the store before he was waving a product box at me, pleading, “Can I have this???” The smile I had been wearing twitched the awkward death rattle of such sudden defeat.

“Really?” I said with a level stare.

“Yeah, I REALLY want it!”

“No, I mean ‘REALLY you’re doing this’? This was the one rule!”

“Yeah, I know…” the one rule reentered his mind for a microsecond or two, “buuuuut I really want it.”

I just shook my head, to say no, but more in disgusted amazement, honestly. Then I prepared myself for the 37 more times he would ask if “he could have” something as I shopped. As if that somehow meant I didn’t need to PAY for it, in order to BUY it for him.

Let’s watch this video from the Convos With My 2-Year-Old crew, and watch our parental shopping lives flash before our eyes in this funny reenactment.

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