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If Kids Made Motivational Posters


We could all probably benefit from some uplifting or wise inspiration, some bite-sized motivation to help us be a bit better than our regular ol’ tired, cranky selves. Even kids!

What would a kid say if they wanted to inspire and motivate others, though? To really fire them up about leading the fullest childhood and life they possibly could? It wouldn’t exactly be the same kind of sentiments adults see plastered on the walls of an office or on Facebook.

Let’s look at some hypothetical kidspirational posters from the unique and quirky perspective of kids.
























You can see there’d obviously be some very unique differences in priorities and approach for encouragement when it came from miniature humans. 

As their parent, thankfully and thanklessly, we’re here to give them better guidance and encouragement than the other kid at the park who’s optimistically coaching your kid to eat a bug.

Thanks to Clorox for partnering with us to make this post. They don’t just make great products for the mess-fest we parents experience daily, they also have a great sense of humor about it all.

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