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If Parents Renamed Products Honestly


If some brands wanted their products to really speak to parents, they’d probably need a name change. Let’s look at a few products with new names and logos that might not be more appealing but are certainly more accurate.

Pregnancy Test

Anxiety Pee Stick Pregnancy Test Funny Parody


Raw Toast Bread Funny Parody


Classic View-Master Toy

1MinuteofFun View-Master Funny Parody


Lunch Snack

Late4Workables Lunchables Funny Parody

Granola Bars

Crumb-Valley Nature Valley Granola Bar Funny Parody

Slide Whistle

HeadacheBlower Slide Whistle Annoying Toy Funny Parody

Frozen Dinner

Hurried-Mom Hungry-Man Funny Parody

Beverage Mix

Sugar-Dye Kool-Aid Funny Parody

Microwaveable Snack

LavaPouches HotPockets Funny Parody

Sour Candy

Dare Pellets Funny Warheads Candy Parody

“Truth in advertising” applied this way would probably put some brands out of business, I guess. Netflix is a better brand name than Nannyflix, but that’s exactly what it is in our house when we need to keep the kid busy for a couple of episodes.

What would you rename the family or kid products you use?

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