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Jimmy Kimmel Is All Of Us

A parent’s worst nightmare can be accurately summarized as: a horrible fate befalling their children. No matter who you are, what your station in life or where you live, these moments change you.

A smart, attentive nurse spotted an issue with Jimmy Kimmel’s newborn son and his account of this moment is so profoundly fatherhood, it’s rattling. We delivered our kids, likely at the same place, and had our scares. The possibility of those moments was overwhelming, and I’ve grieved with friends who faced the impossible.

It’s important that we keep working to make healthcare access affordable and support our children’s hospital. CHLA here in LA has been a godsend to many of my friends.

My friends Holly, Tommy, Jen and lots more have found have found help in Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I hope you’ll watch this video and think about those who need help.

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