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Kids & Food Don’t Mix (5 Comics)


When you can casually browse the internet and see pictures of kids in other countries horking down grilled tarantulas like it was eight-legged candy, or see them slorping up spicy curry dishes that you’d need to freeze a roll of toilet paper to endure the after-effects of eating, it can make you wonder how in the utter heck of hecks your little kid can treat food like it was their sworn arch nemesis. It doesn’t seem to makes sense!

There are no answers here, people. Just 5 Fowl Language Comics we can print out and use to wipe our tears of frustration away.

Kids Will Eat Your Best Intentions for Breakfast



They’ve Got Octuple Standards



And Then? Backfire!



It’s Like a Mind Game



Logic.exe Has Encountered A Problem


You can chime in with your groans of commiseration, or tout how your kid was eating cricket and kale smoothies before their umbilical nub fell off. It’s all good. Parenting is a vast and wildly varied community.

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