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Moms Get A Different Kind Of Makeover


So, listen. I’ve posted about feeling frumpy and ugly before. Becoming a parent can wreak havoc on your self-confidence. The sleep-deprivation and physical demands of pregnancy let alone what happens when they arrive, well, they’re no joke.

So, I have a tendency to get a little judge-y and snarky about young people now. It’s like there’s suddenly a filter dropped over life that makes me somewhat patronizing of youth. I remember adults acting this way toward me. I had no idea some of this was tied to physically feeling older or depleted. LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY, GUYS.

These moms traveled outside their comfort zone and into the very lion’s den of youth culture by getting a Kylie Jenner makeover. It’s fascinating. Give it a watch.

Who would you never emulate? But what if you did? Maybe you could learn something. I guess for the sake of experimentation I’d dress up as Kanye to see how it made me feel. But I’d probably just look like a dork.

Also, did you notice the stylist guy with his Dad AF shirt? I NEED THAT SHIRT.

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