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My Wife Just Aged… #273



She didn’t want a big deal made about her birthday, she’s not a huge fan of adding years onto her age.

Recently a waitress asked our son how old he was and, with the clueless honesty of extreme youth, he told her that he was almost seven, and that he keeps getting older but his Mommy’s age shrinks. Everyone laughed, though the waitress’ was a little on the nervous side.

We didn’t do a huge party or anything extravagant so it was actually quite nice to make a long, casual family celebration of it over a few days. We did lunches and dinners out, picnicked in the local botanical gardens and lounged around the pool all weekend.

I did not, however, sing “Happy Birthweek” to her at any point. I don’t exactly want to encourage such expensive sounding thing as an ongoing tradition.

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