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My Wife Just Lost Something… #310



My wife is so good at putting things away, by golly, they STAY put away. Sometimes for years. Only to be rediscovered when we move. Maybe.

I can’t fault her, though. When you look at the bazillion things she juggles, it makes sense that some things would slip through the cracks. As understandable as it is, however, it’s still really frustrating for both of us when we have to tear the house apart only to discover that she literally stowed it away in a crack somewhere. Between some books or furniture or something literally crack-like.

There’s a point she hits where getting something out of the flippin’ way surpasses the desire to ever find it again easily. Or at all.

I have an bad allergy to exhaustively or frantically looking for things. Hate is a strong word, but it’s really not strong enough for me here about these self-inflicted wild goose chases. So, I tend to be very mindful of my future self when deciding where I’m going to cram something away. Does this any make sense to put this here? Will I remember? Am I going to be furious with my dumbass self later for putting it here?

It would seem that my wife doesn’t have this allergy. But I’m starting to think she just alleviates her allergic reactions by asking me to help her look for something when she’s misplaced it. For like the hundredth time. (sigh)

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