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My Wife Just Said… #245

My Wife Just Said

[Whispering] “I’m so sorry. He said he reeeeeally wanted Monopoly.”


She said this after he tore off the wrapping paper and gasped with joy. I mouthed, “You owe me.”

We both totally knew that I was the one who was going to be playing it with him. And by playing it with him, I of course mean setting it up, teaching him, trying to keep him from altering the rules, grinding through the long tedium of playing Monopoly, and then cleaning it all up and putting away after he got frustrated or bored.

I was completely surprised, though! He was so intent, so focused on playing it correctly, and dedicated to finish it. Also, the game has two new brilliant and merciful tweaks you can use to make the game go much faster. So, the game flew by and we were both beaming and laughing that he, my 6yo son, completely and viciously annihilated me! Haha!

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