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My Wife Just Said… #283



No one wants to be that nutty parent with fevered spittle flying off their lips as they scream unheard tips and cheers from the sidelines to their kid. But that doesn’t seem to stop them.

It’s hard not to get swept up in the game when your kid is playing, to be so invested that you almost feel like you’re out there with them as they run and scramble around in a game trying to win and have fun and not collide into other kids too much, whatever the sport.

It’s thrilling! I’m not at all sporty, but kids’ sports seems a potent emotional cocktail of our own drive and pride as parents joined with a sort of vicarious excitement of playing through them, as we look on. It’s all a video game we’re intensely playing, with the controller unplugged.

When they’re young little players, they’re kinda awful at it, but so ALIVE! Even an unimportant moment in the game can be exhilarating for them, and us. Especially if it’s their first game.

It can be one of the best kinds of wonderful.


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