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My Wife Just Said…


“Finn wasn’t impressed it was 42 minutes past his bedtime, so I told him it was 2,520 SECONDS past his bedtime. That shut him up. #mamatricks” –Avara


It’s all about perspective.

Whether you’re talking to a parent or child, perspective gives us the difference between mountains and mole hills. Sometimes, you have to force a perspective into view with your kids. For example, I was talking to my son about dessert the other day and we discussed the finer points of dessert not being a solid breakfast item (I know, white lies. You get it). “No, pudding isn’t really a great option for breakfast because it’s chocolate and sugar. Breakfast should have building blocks to help your body grow.” He looked at me and pointed to the chocolate croissant in my hand. So, um, you know — he was giving ME perspective… uh… in that moment. That was my point.

Anyway, parenthood can have as much spin involved as an election season here in the United States. It’s all about perspective.

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