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My Wife Just Texted… #239


My Wife Just Texted Ninjastics

They had one slot open for a trial lesson in the gymnastics class. Our 6yo was mildly interested when we explained what it was, that he could learn how to jump and flip and have fun. This was probably fairly meh for him since he could do that anytime, anywhere.

I could see there wasn’t even a spark in his eyes about it, so I said, “It’s like ninja training.” His eyes lit up like a dragon having an allergy attack in a fireworks factory. Ninjas!

It was easy to guess this approach, he’d just been a ninja for Halloween and had been scurrying and skipping about in his outfit, attacking deadly trees and evil shrubberies with his plastic sword. Long before Halloween had arrived.

On the day of the gymnastics lesson, though… the fire had gone out, obviously snuffed out by hunger or tiredness. He shouted and wailed that he didn’t want to go in, in the parking lot outside the gym. My wife kept calm and patiently listened as she herded him in. And then… HE LOVED IT!

Phew! He’s hooked on ninjastics. For now.

We tried to take a picture of him but he disappeared. We can't find him, please send help. #ninjas #halloween

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