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Parent-Friendly Sunglasses Have Finally Arrived

Well, I mean besides those dollar store scores and the gas station gems. The ones that we snag each year because we don’t mind when they get their arm bent off by a raging toddler. Or snapping in the middle after they get crunched in an oversized tote bag.

Enter Foldies.

A bit of a game-changer here, I’d say.

These are a little bit more of an investment than the two-buck options, but they also won’t break the bank. And they come with a two-year no-questions-asked warranty. So, if they do fall off in the lake or get run over in the parking lot, you’re covered. Really. They will send you a new pair.

Also, and probably quite obviously given the name, they freaking fold up!


Which is awesome in its own right, but it’s especially awesome for parents because they have far more flexibility than a standard pair of shades. Far more. They don’t just snap, they bend, which doesn’t make them indestructible, but certainly makes them more durable and longer-lasting. Especially when you are doing things like babywearing a certain Mr. Grabby Hands. And when you’re playing soccer with an eager preschooler and take a ball straight to the forehead region.

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Not that I’d know anything about that.

They are high-quality, come in a variety of styles (I like the classic style in tortoise shell, pictured above. My husband? The black aviators) and they look good. I dig them. I think you will too. 

And right now, using the code SM25, you can receive 25% off your purchase. Plus, free shipping. (Expires 8/4/2017)

Products were received from Foldies prior to writing this article, but all opinions are my own.

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