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The Creepiest Animation Ever


When I was a boy I watched a claymation movie titled “The Adventures of Mark Twain” and it really messed with my head. Twain is one of, if not my favorite author of all time, and at that point in my life I understood him to be both hilarious and dark. I could relate to having both of those inside me as well, so I felt like he mirrored some of my inmost thoughts. He never pulled punches, even if they were socially unacceptable. I found that to be courageous and something I lacked in myself.

But when I watched this movie, there was a scene that became one of the most haunting and vivid portrayals of evil I’d ever seen. Did you see this when you were younger?

All of the moments in the film are captured quotes and scenes from his literary works. But this depiction of Satan still makes me wonder about the hidden dangers and forces at work.

And that’s the work of a great writer.

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