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The Dark Crystal is Back???

Our childhoods are filled with moments of fear and exhilaration in the form of movies. My dad was particularly cavalier about showing me films above my pay grade. They still remain burned into my psyche and for all I know, they influence my decisions as an adult. Example: I’m not a big fan of swimming in lakes after Friday the 13th.

Sure, my dad could’ve protected me from those movies better, but I do think small doses of scary or grownup movies can be really powerful teachers for kids. You have to know your own kids and their boundaries really well to execute this move, but I highly recommend it.

One movie that both terrified me and lit me up was The Dark Crystal. The Skeksis were reminiscent of nightmares, the gelfings were my people, and Fizzgig was the literal best. He sort of reminds me of my youngest son, Arden, when he throws a tantrum.

But this news is blowing my mind…

I cannot wait to see this and introduce my older son, Finn, to this world. I wonder how it will hold up during a re-watch.

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