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The Funny(?) Ways Kids Mess-use Things



We partnered with OxiClean to bring you this post, because they’re so often the right tool for the parenting job.

You wouldn’t use a dog brush and whipped cream to brush your teeth. Unless you were a kid.

“The right tool for the right job” is an expression that kids sort of take and run with… directly to the nearest trashcan to throw it away and then do whatever they want. Like play with the trash they just discovered.

So, once a kid gets a hold of anything, some pretty hilarious and unpredictable alternate uses can happen. Have a look and then tell us YOUR kid’s crazy mess-uses!

Funny Kid Mess-uses Helmet
This kid gets cycling safety. Sort of.

Funny Kid Mess-uses bib
Some kid uses are a challenge even for OxiClean. Do they sell full-coverage tarps for toddlers and kids? They really should, y’know.

Funny Kid Mess-uses deep sea dive
Oh, the mysteries of the deep blue… sauce pot.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Chip Bowl
At least there was no dip involved.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Finger Toe
It’s amazing how flexible kids are. It can also be very weird. Too bad there’s no OxiClean for manners.

Let’s hope their masks really, really clean.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Pudding Shampoo
Maybe this kid has discovered the next best haircare hack. Or maybe not.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Pool Noodle Lightsaber
The Force may be too strong with this one.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Short Hand Towel
It’s like their genetically programmed to do this. To drive us insane, I mean.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Spoon Mirror
“My nose is sooooo big this morning!” -this girl

Funny Kid Mess-uses Toilet Spa
He’s probably very frustrated that the “jets” on this jacuzzi won’t stay on.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Marker Costume
He might be a little chilly on Halloween.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Blank Canvas Carpet
They say art enhances development. Hold onto that, just keep telling yourself that.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Carwash Dishwasher
This kid’s going places, but that dishwasher carwash might be in for some trouble.

Funny Kid Mess-uses drinking fountain
Staying hydrated never went so wrong.

Funny Kid Mess-uses Dad Pillow
Well, technically he sort of is a “body pillow” now.

As you can see, kids will basically mess-use anything to do anything.


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Share a pic or comment with how your kid made a messy use of something. Post them to our Facebook thread, or use Twitter or Instagram and tag us (@HowToBeADad for both).




We partnered with OxiClean, because it’s so often the case that some of these “alternate uses” are very, very messy and kids are the worst things to ever happen to clothing.

Since parents aren’t big fans of replacing their kid’s wardrobe every week, for messes and stains, OxiClean is THE right tool. We use their product all the live long day, and have for years.

Honestly, it’s a little weird recommending their product to you, because it seems like such a monumental no-brainer for people who have to take care of the most inventively filthy people on the planet: kids.



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