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The Low Fashion of Child Couture (5 Comics)


Saying fashion changes when you have kids is like saying it’s gotten a bit breezy when you’re caught in a Force-12 hurricane.

Matching outfit? In our parent-haze, we just hope we’re wearing pants when we leave the house. The percentage of time we wear pajamas certainly skyrockets, and our former kidless selves would never have believed the times a robe and slippers have been enough for running out.

With the never-ending game of dirty laundry Tetris we have to play as parents, it can get so bad that we test our clothes like spaghetti, throwing a pair of jeans at a wall to see if it sticks.

Let’s attend a runway show of 5 sadly and bitterly hilarious Fowl Language Comics.


Suffering for Fashion

Fowl Language Comics Baby Shower Onesie


Wardrobe Malfunction

Fowl Language Comics Scratchy Tag


Wear the Clothes for the Job You Want

Fowl Language Comics Princess Dress


Post-Experimental Toddler Chic

Fowl Language Comics Kids Dressing Themselves


Parent Casual

Fowl Language Comics Kids Dressing Themselves

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