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The Profoundness of Children


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We sat on a bench watching the trees sway in the wind and heard the birds chirp. It felt like something we could’ve done for hours. These calm moments, these reflective pools of emotion don’t visit too often for parents and their children. Coming off of a family brunch with people who haven’t seen for months or years, there was something in the breeze. It felt nostalgic and golden.

And then, Finn said, “This feels like the end of a book, doesn’t it?”

I suppose it did. He leaned on me a bit closer so I followed up. “What should the name of the next book be?” He didn’t know. But we took a picture to put in the epilogue for this one anyway.

I have never met a person this young with this much sensitivity to certain nuances of life. He’s reaching me every day, whether I know it or not.

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