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This Is The Sex Toy You Need In Your Life



We are friends, and as your friend, I am obligated to inform you that I have found it.

I have found the sex toy you’ve been looking for.

This is far from my first rodeo. I’ve tried things. I am a big fan of a trusty bullet, getting the job done simply and efficiently. I’m also a big fan of those crazy looking vibrators with all the bells and whistles. You know the ones. They have the spinning heads, the rotating beads in the shaft (why don’t standard penises come with that?) and a variety of cute little animals positioned for clitoral buzzing. Rabbits, elephants, dolphins, butterflies, I’ve seen ‘em all.

But orgasms to orgasms, dust to dust, my vibrator of late bit it and had to be tossed. I took to my computer in search of a replacement, hoping to try something new.

Then I came across the IMO G-Spot Vibrator. It didn’t look busy or boring and had a ton of good reviews. With multiple vibration speeds and patters, plus dual G-spot and clitoral motors, I figured this was a sound choice. I decided to give it a shot and ordered one.

I chose good.

It arrived in a sleek, black box, along with a USB charger. My monthly battery stipend is now freed up so the thing practically paid for itself. I turned it on to see what I was dealing with, and the outside end lit up! It changes colors as you change patterns. So you also get mood lighting coming out of your bits, and that’s fun for everyone involved. Change the setting to a flattering 2 or 3 if your vagina is more of an autumn.

There is a nice range of vibration speeds so you can set it to your comfort level (unlike other vibrators I’ve owned that functioned more like my toaster oven with only two settings of either COLD or INCINERATE). It’s also waterproof, so you can take it with you in the bathtub or snorkeling.

It even comes with a discreet little bag so you can hide it away in your sock drawer. I’ll be sad to part with my current means of protecting my privacy.


So I’ve laid out all the specs, but I know the only piece of information you’re interested in.

Does it work?

Yes. It works. It works enough that the makers deserve a handwritten thank-you note every time I break this sucker out. I almost feel guilty not making a monthly payment to them with all that battery money I’m saving. After you order one, you may want to write me a thank-you note.

You’re welcome.

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