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Toddler Cars: Beyond Fury Road


I just recently rewatched the original Mad Max and was surprised by how well it survived the passage of time.

I remember watching it as a kid and being struck by the sad desperation of a post-apocalyptic world, but, because I was kid, I was obviously way more struck by how totally flippin’ awesome it was. Now a new generation of kids has Mad Max: Fury Road to be both awed and awesome-ed by.

Ian Pfaff, director by day, prop enthusiast by night, and a dad all the time, did something amazing in this motif. He took two Little Tykes Cozy Coupes cars and modified them into what’s probably called “diesel punk” or something. Whatever the barbed and junk-bedazzled style is, it’s outrageously rad. Behold!

1) Let the transformation begin…



2) Hardware and Grills and Spoilers, oh my!



3) No no. This party’s just getting started.



4) The devil’s in the details!



5) A Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot hood ornament? Yup.



6) Personalized plates? DUH!



7) Why the hell not!



8) No fluffy steering wheel cover here. Bike chains, baby!



9) A retired breast pump for extended exhaust pipes? Blam!



10) THAT is a friggin’ sippy cup.



11) Junkyard doll as a figurehead? Are you kidding me!



12) Matching leather road warrior armor? Pfffft! Of course!



13) The finished war coupes!



“Oh, what a day. What a lovely day!”


My thanks to Ian Pfaff for letting me feature pictures of his amazing project and for being an obscenely cool dad. Visit his website to see what other creative shenanigans he’s up to: ianpfaff.com

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