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Toddler’s Guide to a Banana



Bananas, ‘nanas, nanners or whatever you call them, are often referred to as “nature’s perfect food” because they’re loaded with such good nutrients. Their perfection becomes even perfecter for parents because they can be toted around in a purse or bag as portable, unrefrigerated rations that are actually good for a kid to eat.

However, when presented with “perfection,” kids apparently consider it their duty to find fault. This goofy guide only takes a look the most common flaws seen through their squinty critical eyes.

And, oh my god, there are a ton of other ways a kid can consider a banana to be inedibly nasty. Broken into pieces? Blech! Not cut into properly sized pieces? Barf! Too warm or too cold? YUK! You tried to shave off a bruised spot? HOW DARE YOU!

Feeding kids can be a mom or dad’s most daring parental adventure, filled with unbelievable challenges and surprises. Like, literally unbelievable. As in “you will absolutely not believe it” kind of unbelievable.


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