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Unfiltered Year-in-Reviews Are the Way to Go


An Honest Family Year In Review

We collaborated with Plum Organics to give you this unfiltered, unprocessed, BS-free look at holiday sharing parenting moments.


Parents capture the moments of their lives to share with others, and for their future selves, honestly. A major side effect of parenting is… um… where was I going with this? Oh yeah, a crappy memory! The things we do to record and make mementos of our family could almost be called remember-abilia.

Our shares tend to be the better, less awful and judgement-inducing moments, of course. The holiday year in review newsletter is no exception. Thankfully, parents are becoming more “real” these days, and a lot of us are allergic Pinterest crafts and newsletter design.

We know this (unless we forget momentarily), and Plum Organics knows it, too. Which is why we partnered with them to showcase their very funny, mega easy, “tell it like it is” Unfiltered Holiday Newsletter generator.

Create Your Own!

Spare yourself the trouble of crafting a holiday year-in-review — ditch the mind bending Word templates and avoid the scissor-stress of your kids “helping” (get glitter everywhere). Give Plum’s online generator a whirl yourself and you’ll probably find a LOT of very relatable options that’ll seem like Plum has been stalking you.

Happy unfiltered holidays, everyone!

Our special thanks to Plum for collaborating with us on this and for just “getting parenting” and making great food for our kids.


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