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Watches Food Network Once…


It’s always been true that parents struggle with feeding their kid, at least in one way or another. We want them to eat healthy, sure, but once some of us realize what savagely picky food critics our kids can be, we occasionally downshift our standards, and just concentrating on getting them to eat. ANYTHING.

But now, with the miraculous advent of social media, there are thousands upon thousands of parents that are ready to judge your kids nutrition. It’s truly marvelous. Or the opposite.

Here’s the trick! Describe the foods you make your kid as if you’ve just binge-watched the Food Network. It’ll make you feel like Wolfgang Puck, and maybe shut a Judgey McJudgeyface up a bit. Okay. Probably not.

Here are some fine examples of fancy culinary descriptions for your inspiration and entertainment.

Source: Twitter / @ItsFoodPorn










Source: Twitter / @HilariousEdited

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