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When Your Kid Is A Deception

I’m not gonna lie. I cried my ass off in the original Transformers: The Movie. Spoiler alert: When Optimus Prime buys the farm, I couldn’t deal with it. It left me reeling from that moment. The creature I knew to be the leader of the Autobots had died. It was hard.

It gave me a taste of the feeling I would later know as an adult. Things change, decay, grow — it’s chaotic. Ideas and people perish. Some of them stay with us. Some just change form, in some ways.

But this kid made me laugh. My son often spoke about his understanding of Anakin Skywalker. He understand his feelings and need to channel them into something. I don’t think it’s fair to judge kids on their love or dislike of a villain. So, in the end, I can excuse this moment. SORT OF.

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