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Why Don’t Parents Let Kids Swear?


Comic by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comics

My 7-year-old son recently learned some shiny new dirty words and has been asking me about them incessantly. I typically take a pretty casual approach to most of these kinds of subjects, but he kept asking about the meanings, derivations, proper pronunciations and histories of some REALLY fun curse words. Teachable moment time! I’m not puritanical by any stretch but I want my son to be smart about how and why he uses those words. Simply telling him “no” doesn’t exactly work for me.

But why? Why exactly am I allowed I say them over and over again in traffic on my drive to work, but he can’t?

I’ve wondered this for some years now. The answer? I have no idea. Other than I want him to be able to communicate without any crutch whatsoever. No automatic sayings or immediate, redundant, duplicative statements over and over again. Oh, wait. I just did that.

At any rate, I love this comic because it pokes at the fundamental questions we gloss over as parents. Who knows why we do half the things we do. Maybe we should give them a glance and inspect our reasoning a bit more.

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